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Rachel Farrell - Virtual Assistant

Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm a Virtual Assistant (kind of like a freelance PA) and I offer both virtual and local onsite business support to small businesses, consultants and other freelancers. 
My clients outsource their necessary but time-consuming tasks to me so they’re free to focus on their core business.  What I do depends on my client’s business.  I might do online research for one client, set up a spreadsheet template for another or make travel bookings for someone else or a combination of tasks. I can manage diaries and emails, take minutes, organise events, proof-read, create templates and produce reports, amongst other things.  My clients avoid the overheads of taking on an employee and they only pay me for the hours or tasks they need me for.
So, if you are struggling to find time to keep on top of your paperwork and have lost that work-life balance, please get in touch and I will aim to restore it! What have you got to lose!?

5 reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant

1. To free up your time to focus on your core business.
2. To avoid lengthy recruitment processes.
3. To avoid costly employment overheads.
4. To have virtual support as and when you need it.
5. To achieve a work-life balance.